Friday, March 9, 2012

Cabbage Soup Diet: Day 1-3

These past 3 days have been a bit out of my comfort zone in that I'm going on my first legit diet. Ever. The Cabbage Soup Diet, introduced to me by Jenny Kim, is supposed to do wonders as a short term diet. Although some of you may ask "well you're just going to gain it all back after the week is over anyway", it will ultimately help me in the long run in that I'll be more motivated to hit the gym / eat healthier (less portions) to maintain the weight, versus the ever losing battle of trying to lose the weight. Anyway, I wanted to keep myself on track by updating this daily regimen on my blog. Here is Day 1-3:

Day One: Fruits and Cabbage Soup

Thank you Housewife/Chef Jerry Cao for grocery shopping with the noob (me) at 99 Ranch and for helping me make the giant pot of cabbage soup! 

Survived off cutie oranges, apples, and 3 servings of cabbage soup (shown above).

Day Two: Veggies and Cabbage Soup (lost 1 lbs)

Thank you mama bear for cooking me tsai (the green spinach stuff) and peas and ONIONS! You're the best. 

Survived off 3 servings of peas, onions, and spinach, and 1 serving of cabbage soup.

Day Three: Fruits, Veggies, and Cabbage Soup (lost 0.4 lbs, lame)

Thank you again mama bear, for cooking me awesome broccoli w/ garlic, and roasted asparagus and peppers! (First time eating asparagus, it was pretty good)

Strawberries yumyum

(My very terribly cut) Fuji Apples


Surviving off the above items.

I look forward to the next 4 days!

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