Thursday, March 22, 2012


Upon turning in my HCI final to the TA today at the very last minute, I overhead him saying "I'm sure the students who turned in their finals earlier are smarter than the ones I just collected finals from."

What??! Admittingly, students who are better prepared for their final might be able to cruise through and finish early, but that doesn't mean they're "smarter". Although the definition of "smart" is very multi-faceted, this was undeniably upsetting to hear, especially from the mouth of someone who will be grading my exam. Ridiculous.

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  1. What a jerk. I usually don't comment on your stuff because... I could just call you. But I felt compelled because... that's such a dumb thing to say. I was on the page of a math GSI (mmhmm, it's me) and he looks less favorably on such behavior. To those who leave the exam early, he says:
    "Wow, you're the cool kid who leaves early from the exam everyone else rocked because they checked it over.
    If you finish early, DO THE EXAM AGAIN. Have the courage to sit in front of a math exam for the trivial amount of time left on the scale of the semester."
    Though I suppose if you really rock the exam and can do the exam twice and still turn it in early, then kudos to you.