Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This really helped me put some of the "problems" I face in perspective. I know shit happens in this pretty messed up world, and although I'm (for the most part) unaffected by it all, having lived in the Irvine bubble all of my life, I can still take from this and hopefully improve myself by closing (and locking) my doors to people who are a negative influence in my life. I'm the type of person who'll give anyone the benefit of the doubt regardless of what I hear, but I really need to be smarter about who I claim are my friends. I'm tired of wasting my time being bothered by people and issues that I really don't give a f about, and it's time I grow up.

That being said, I aim to surround myself with, and be influenced by, healthy and intellectual people. I was asked last week whether I want to take the easy way out and go through life with minimal glitches, or challenge myself by not only my environment, but also by people who are smarter than me and will continuously push me to do more. Although the latter sounds painful, in the end, it is the experiences you go through and people you meet who make up the palette illustrating your life.

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